How do I add/edit work experience in CV?
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How do I add/edit work experience in CV?

  1. Log in to Researchweb.
  2. Click your name at the top of the page to access your user account.
  3. Click the tab "CV" and then "Add CV" or "Edit CV" depending on whether you add work experience for the first time or not
  4. Click the button "Edit work experience"
  5. Click the button "Add work place"
  6. Start by selecting country you worked in. If the country is missing, select "other" and specify the country. Following there are two options to find the employer: either search for the employer, or click "Choose work place" and go through the employer tree.
  7. When the employer is added, enter start year and end year of the employment. If the employment is ongoing, leave the "End (Year)" box empty. Also enter employment rate between 0-100%. In some cases it is possible to be affiliated with a university without having an employment. For example doctoral student not paid by the university. If this is the case, enter the current university, but set employment rate to 0%.
  8. Additional information is entered in the box "Additional information about employer". This is where type of employment is entered, job title and such.
  9. Click "Save" when finished.
  10. Finally, the page, where it is possible to edit previously added employers and also add more, will appear.

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How do I add/edit work experience in CV? , from Enheten för tandvård - Region Skåne