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This site contains a lot of information. This makes it a challenge to assist you in finding what you want. The best way forward is to try different approaches to searching. We have prepared two main pathways for you; Generic Search and Customized Search.

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To the left are sub menus to generic search functions. The options are:

Customized Search

Below are different types of customized search functionality.

information Search for current or completed projects including published thesis
This site contains a project database. Projects can be sorted depending on work places involved or topics involved in the project. We offer different specific lists or search strategies:
information Match making for research opportunities / ideas for potential projects
The lists below will not show any content unless you first log in to this site.

The advisor / supervisor describing the research opportunity will have the name as a clickable link somewhere near the top of the description. Click on the name and you should see contact details such as e-mail.

If you find an interesting research opportunity start by sending an e-mail describing yourself and that you are interested in a research opportunity you saw on the JCU match-making website. Also paste in the title of the research opportunity (the advisor / supervisor might be involved in several different projects). Ask if you can meet or have a phone conversation discussing the possibility of taking on this research opportunity.

information Events (education sessions, seminars or conferences)

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