Match-Making for research

Match-Making for research

Match-making A junior health practitioner engaged in a research project may put in a workload equivalent to 3-12 months full time work. An Undergraduate Honours student usually put in a workload equivalent to one year full time work. A PhD student put in the equivalent of three years of full time work. Thus, having a junior health practitioner, an Honours or a higher degree research student is a great resource to get research projects done that otherwise might not be done. It is therefore important that your ideas for potential projects are visible to students and other persons interested in working on your ideas.

There is a way to increase the possibility of students and junior health practitioners finding you and your potential research opportunities. We have created a match-making website to facilitate the match between students and researchers (or non-researchers with potential ideas). We guide students and junior health practitioners interested in doing research to look here for research opportunities of potential interest. Hence, we want you to put in your ideas here, either as well planned clearly defined research opportunities or as more vague ideas where you may not have the ability to engage in it further but you think someone should look at this.

To put in a new research opportunity in the match-making website:

  1. Login to this website. If you have not created a personal profile previously then you need to do that to be able to login (it is easy). If you only want to describe an idea then you don't need to create a complete CV, just put in the basic information.
  2. After login click on the menu item My pages
  3. Click on the sub menu Match-making (Do not use My Projects as this describes your current projects that are already up and running). From here you can add a new research opportunity or edit/delete existing ones.

Research opportunities are sorted according to date for last update of the information when they are presented to students and junior health practitioners. Thus, it might be a good idea to update your research opportunities if it was a while since you described it. Also don't forget to delete your research opportunity once you have found a match with a student (to avoid other students and junior health practitioners from contacting you regarding a research opportunity that is already taken).

For projects having some air under their wings please ensure it is described in  the project database CARD. Projects already up and running but also looking to get more students or junior health practitioners onboard please register both in CARD and in the match-making database.

Students, junior health practitioners and similar will find your research opportunities by going to our search page.
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