Search for current projects based on work place

Search for current projects based on work place

Selection of work place below specifies what to include. Hence, this must be selected to get any result at all. Other settings below are filter functions removing parts of what was included using selection of work places. Leaving these filters blank will show all projects registered with that work place.

If you make a selection of workplaces and perform a search then the system will remember that selection until you deselect it. If you after doing a search change to another tab then the system may incorrectly indicate 0 hits. If you change tab always click the Search button again.
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Gr8! The value of this database increases the more projects we have information about. Please read information about the project database and instructions for its use.
information Instruction to search for projects linked to a work place

Click the button Select workplace. Then choose country (Australia). When selecting work place there are two alternative methods:

  • Search workplace. This is the default method. Just start to write in the search box. and hits will appear below. First is single work places shown and then below groups of work places. When you find what you want in the hit list click on it. It will then appear in the search box and you should click Add. You can repeat this to select multiple work places.
  • To switch to the other method click Select Workplace. You can then work yourself down in a tree structure to select single work places or groups of work places. Once you found what you look for click Select.
You can create any combination of different work places. Once you are pleased with the selection click the button Search / Sök. You will now see the result. If this is what you expect then you may save the result as a favorite in your browser. You can then go back and see the result of the same database search with just a mouse click.
information Instruction for selecting topic using MeSH index words

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) is a controlled vocabulary maintained by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). Click the button Select MeSH to choose terms representing a topic. You can fine tune the serach once you have selected one or several MeSH terms. The first option is to decide if your search only include the selected term(s) or if related not directly selected terms also should be included. You have the following options:

  1. selected MeSH terms
  2. adjacent MeSH terms
  3. underlying MeSH terms
  4. related MeSH terms
The tops one performs a search only with the chosen term(s). Alternative b, c and d gradually broadens the search. This is useful if your initial search results in very few hits. The next choice is if you want to search for projects with any or all chosen terms (only relevant if you choose more than one term).
Help Help text to Search workplaces: Select workplaces to search for.
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Help Help text to Search for MeSH/keywords: Include MeSH terms into search query.
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Sorting order: Future or recent commencement dates on top and older dates further down.
You can read about the project by clicking on its commencement date.
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There are no projects found. Did you select a work place? You must also hit Search to see anything.

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Search for current projects based on work place, from James Cook University