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Project ideas / opportunities

This site contains a database of ideas for future projects and research opportunities. It is intended for students trying to match with a suitable advisor. This search function will only present a result if you first log in to this site.

information First come, first served

The advisors/supervisors are free to link up with the student they believe are best suited for the project. However, if other students already made contact then you are less likely to get that project. Thus: The opportunities below may be considered as first come, first served. Thus, we encourage you to check the research opportunities and contact potential advisors/supervisors as soon as possible.

You can read more about the idea / proposal by clicking on its ID nr. Once you and an advisor agrees that you take up the offer please ask the person putting up the proposal to remove it from this website.

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You can read more about the idea / proposal by clicking on its ID nr.
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