Upcoming events for health care providers

Upcoming events for health care providers or researchers

(Past events are shown in another document)
Please note that these events are intended for health care providers or researchers and not for the general public. Events can be educational sessions or seminars with a duration of up to one day or a conference with a duration of more than one day. Any event with a duration exceeding one day is defined as a conference in this context.
information Statement
We want to emphasize that this web-page do not mean that James Cook University want to take credit for all events being arranged. James Cook University simply offer this information service, hope you will find it useful and give credit to those actually arranging the event.
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Great! To add an event:
  1. First use the list below to see if the event is already described here by someone else. If not...
  2. ...Login (easy to register if you don't yet have a login)
  3. Click on the menu option My stuff and then on the sub-menu Event organiser
  4. Follow instructions.
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You can select a specific city in Queensland and all events in any other location will be hidden. Cities in Queensland with a population of >1,500 are included in the list. Cities are sorted under regions. You need to leave this as -- show all -- if you want to see events outside Queensland (or if you want to list events in several cities).

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Upcoming events for health care providers, from James Cook University