A Literature Review of Emotions in the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
A Literature Review of Emotions in the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
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1. Summary

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The Doctor-Patient Relationship is known to be an important factor in the provision of services in General Practice. This review explores what has been about written about this relationship and attempts to draw out the value of emotions in the psychotherapeutic process, to allow a more formal examination to be undertaken at a later date.


Ronny Gunnarsson
Professor , James Cook University Australia and R&D unit for primary health care Sodra Alvsborg County Sweden


Dominique Hange (Andersson-Hange, Andersson)
Docent, Enheten för Allmänmedicin, Närhälsan Svenljunga vårdcentral, FoU-Centrum Borås
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Participation in reading articles and making analyses

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A Systematic Literature Review of Emotions in the Psychotherapeutic Process of the Doctor-Patient Relationship for the General Practitioner.

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A Literature Review of Emotions in the Doctor-Patient Relationship., from James Cook University